10 Advantages to UFE

Your doctor just told you to have a hysterectomy for your fibroids.

Before you do anything, make sure you look into this non-surgical alternative (UFE)

10 Advantages to UFE

  1. It’s safe. 
    At least a million women, worldwide, have been successfully treated
  2. It’s simple. 
    Most procedures take about half an hour
  3. It’s cost effective.
    No lengthy hospital stays or the fees that come with them
  4. Symptom relief is immediate.
    Pain, heavy bleeding, anemia, fatigue will end with embolization
  5. No hospital stay.
    This is an out-patient treatment
  6. No cutting.
    With embolization there are no scalpels, sutures or scarring
  7. No ‘going under’.
    You won’t be exposed to the risks of general anesthetic
  8. Less downtime.
    Most patients return to work in a matter of days
  9. No recurrence. 
    Fibroids don’t return, as they often do with surgeries like myomectomy
  10. Keep your fertility.
    There’s no trauma to, or removal of, the uterus